LoadForge is here to support you, we have a full documentation section, many test examples, as well as email support available for all paying customers.

Contact us


Please visit our full product documentation for help, or use our live chat (bottom right of pages) to ask us a question directly.

Technical Support

Should you need to log a technical support question you may email us directly. Please note that technical support is for paying clients only.

Test Examples

For help designing your load test we recommend using the wizard, but if you have more advanced use cases we have a full directory of examples ready for you to copy.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to have a DigitalOcean account?
No you don't. You can choose to use our cloud infrastructure instead and pay per test, but using your own DO account is cheaper. You can change at any time.
Can you login, crawl pages, create users, etc?
Yes absolutely. LoadForge is able to post forms, register accounts, browse logged in pages, logout, and much more.
How much do tests bill me on DigitalOcean?
You are charged typically around $0.10 per test by DigitalOcean, but we show you an estimation before you launch it. For a very large scale test it could be around $2.
Do you support AWS or other clouds (not just DigitalOcean)?
No, but you can use our infrastructure if you don't have a DigitalOcean account. We also provide $100 free credit when you create your DigitalOcean account.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my account as I wish?
Yes absolutely, you can upgrade at any time and you are charged the difference for the month. We don't lock you in with any contracts.
Can I run tests from multiple locations around the globe?
Yes, we support 8 locations right now. You can see a map and list of these on our test locations page.