Website Load Testing

Test your websites true scalability

LoadForge is a next-generation load testing and stress testing solution that can scale from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of virtual users using HTTP or HTTPS communication.

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Easy to use web tests

Customize your test, login to your application, or allow our wizard to automatically generate a test for your site.

With LoadForge you will be up and running in minutes whether you are an advanced DevOps engineer or a startup looking to scale.

Running web load test

Better understand your system

LoadForge automatically analyzes the performance of your site and makes recommendations through its AI Engine. Get fast and easy to understand insights on how to scale your website.

LoadForge AI Assistant

Everything you need for testing your website

LoadForge is feature-packed, and starts at $29 /month for up to 2,500 virtual users.

Unlimited Users

Invite your whole team to LoadForge with one subscription.

Full API

Run tests and read results all via the API, perfect for DevOps and automation engineers.

Massive Scale

LoadForge is able to simulate up to 500,000 virtual SSL users at a time to really test your site.

Easy to use

LoadForge is easy and intuitive, anyone can run load tests with the platform. It's also powerful and easy to customize.

AI Reporting

LoadForge's AI Assistant will help you understand how to scale your system, and where to look for problems.

Detailed Reports

Get detailed reports and graphs on your systems performance, including P99 and P95 latency reports, error rates, failures and more.

Build Custom Tests

Easily build custom tests (or not) in Python and supercharge your capabilities.

Unlimited Tests

LoadForge doesn't charge you per test you run, meaning you can actually afford to test and automate testing.

Beautiful, powerful reports, with actionable metrics

LoadForge automatically analyzes your site, explaining errors, showing detailed graphs, and performance numbers per page. Easily and quickly understand your load testing results.

  • Graphs for requests, errors, rates, latency, P95, P99
  • HTTP error analysis and performance AI
  • Download CSV or PDF reports
  • Store and compare your tests