Load testing and stress tests for websites, APIs and servers.

LoadForge uses your cloud account to rapidly scale large numbers of simulated users to load test your website, store, API, or application for cheap - just cents per test!

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Running a Stress Test


Everything you need to stress test your site

LoadForge includes login testing, multiple locations, customized user scripting, full API access, optional python driven tests and more.

Powerful and easy

You choose your level of complexity, anyone can launch a stress test, and you can script powerful interactions.


Launch up to 20 stress test servers, with over 500,000 virtual users and 50,000 plus (SSL) requests per second.

Best Price

LoadForge has the best pricing per virtual user of any of the leading load testing platforms, starting from just $19/month!

Powered by Your Cloud

LoadForge uses your DigitalOcean account to launch test servers, and the average test costs just cents and there is no test limit!

AI Driven Reporting

Keep your load test results and compare historical tests after deployments of your app, and have our AI analyze your site.

Drive by API

Create a test and launch it whenever you want, as often as you want, via API. Easily integrate with your CI/CD.

Smart and powerful

Let the system interpret your tests

You don't need to be a professional load tester, our AI will automatically check your test results and tell you where to focus and what problems to look out for!

Load test user interface

Have a specific type of load test in mind?

General Load Testing

Learn about web stress testing with our next-generation developer focused web app and API load testing platform.

API Load Testing

LoadForge offers high performance (up to ~500,000 TPS) API testing for all HTTP/S based APIs. Learn more about load testing your API.

Web App Stress Test

Push your website, web application or e-commerce store to it's limit with our powerful high performance website load testing.

High Performance Web Load Tests

Have extreme performance requirements? LoadForge can simulate over 500,000 SSL requests per second, one of the only platforms in the world capable of true large scale load tests.

Trusted by teams around the world

LoadForge is used every day to stress test APIs, websites, stores, blogs, and more.

Tests in 24h
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Total Tests
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Ready to test? You can be up and running in minutes.

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