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LoadForge uses your DigitalOcean account to rapidly scale large numbers of simulated users to test your website, store, API, or application
for cheap - cents per test!


Next-generation load testing that doesn't cost thousands

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Powerful and easy

All-in-one platform

LoadForge is an extremely easy, and optionally extremely powerful load testing system that's actually affordable.

Powerful yet easy
You choose your level of complexity, anyone can launch a test, and you can script powerful interactions.
Powered by Locust
You can write custom locustfile's to automate intelligent tests, including logins, transactions, and more.
Run tests via API
Create a test and launch it whenever you want, as often as you want, via API.
Invite team members
Share your account, tests, and results with your team.
Powered by DigitalOcean
LoadForge uses your DigitalOcean account to launch test servers, and the average test costs just cents!
Fair Price
The tests costs cents on average, and paying customers start at $19/month.
Keep your load test results and compare historical tests after deployments of your app.
Launch up to 20 load test servers, with over 250,000 users and 50,000 plus requests per second.

“Being able to actually load test my personal projects without spending thousands of dollars is a game changer”

Dave B
Dave B.
CEO, Advent Dev

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