Large Scale Load Tests

LoadForge scales up to 5,000,000 virtual SSL (HTTPS) users allowing you to test large scale applications and APIs easily and affordably.

You can run distributed tests, with multiple running at once, to effectively test web applications of any size. Learn more about massive scale HTTP/SSL tests.

Large Scale Web Load Test
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The best web stress test

High performance, high scale load testing is within your reach

LoadForge allows you true scale, at a maximum cost of $995/month (starting from $29 /month), with no contracts. Start testing today and relax about your sites performance.

500,000 Virtual users per test

350,000+ SSL transactions per second

20 Tests in parellel

Millions Simultaneous SSL TPS

An easier, cheaper way to performance tests

LoadForge is easy to use, costs a few cents per test, and scales to hundreds of thousands of simulated users.

Easily deploy massive tests

LoadForge makes simulating hundreds of thousands of users easy, and affordable. You can run unlimited tests, and using your own infrastructure a test usually costs a few cents.

Large Load Test

Better understand your results

LoadForge automatically analyzes your sites performance for you, helping to find issues, and ensure you are ready for production!

Test the true scale of your site, and be ready for any burst of users.

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High scale testing

Why LoadForge?

High scale load testing can be very expensive. Competitors limit the number of tests you can run, and the number of users severely. LoadForge leverages it's unique technology to launch test servers in your cloud, allowing us to charge much less and to generate massive amounts of traffic at a very low cost.

A 250,000 user test will cost you around $3 to run in your cloud costs, and only requires a $200 LoadForge account to execute. This is many, many times cheaper than our nearest competitor, and LoadForge allows you to scale all the way up to 500,000 virtual users per test, with many tests in parallel. We have simple goals:

  • Let users use their own cloud accounts, and save money
  • Allow centralized, scalable testing across many devices
  • Make it affordable so that anyone can use it

We’re here to help

If you're unsure then sign up for an account and test it! If you'd like to speak, please contact us at any time.