Large Scale Load Tests

LoadForge scales up to 500,000 virtual SSL (HTTPS) users allowing you to test large scale applications and APIs easily and affordably.

You can run distributed tests, with multiple running at once, to effectively test web applications of any size.

Large Scale Web Load Test

Easily deploy massive tests

LoadForge makes simulating hundreds of thousands of users easy, and affordable. You can run unlimited tests, and using your own infrastructure a test usually costs a few cents.

Large Load Test

Better understand your results

LoadForge automatically analyses your sites performance for you, helping to find issues, and ensure you are ready for production!

Test the true scale of your site, and be ready for any burst of users.

AI Load Test
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The best web stress test

High performance, high scale load testing is within your reach

LoadForge allows you true scale, at a maximum cost of $200/month (starting from $19/month), with no contracts. Start testing today and relax about your sites performance.

500,000 Virtual users per test

350,000+ SSL transactions per second

Unlimited Tests per month

8 Locations around the globe