Denial of Service Testing

Simulate large scale DoS Attacks

LoadForge allows users to test their own infrastructure against simulated distributed denial of service attacks.

The LoadForge testing platform is capable of launching extremely high scale (millions of TPS) valid HTTP/S request attacks against your system. These are the hardest attacks to scrub, and the best to test against!

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Easy to configure and run

Simple yet dangerous DoS load testing that can be configured within minutes.

LoadForge will automatically scale up the infrastructure required for the test, and run the attack against your servers from your cloud.

Con figure DoS Test

Better understand your system

LoadForge automatically analyzes the performance of your site and makes recommendations through its AI Engine. Get fast and easy to understand insights on how to scale your website.

LoadForge AI Assistant


Simulate a DoS attack

LoadForge can intelligently simulate a large scale Layer 7 (SSL) denial of service attack against your website, APIs or apps.

Powerful and easy

You choose your level of complexity, anyone can launch a stress test, and you can script powerful interactions.


Launch up to 20 web stress testing servers, with millions of virtual users and SSL requests per second (TPS).

Best Price

LoadForge has the best pricing for large scale DoS tests, starting from just $79/month for Essential, including DoS.

Powered by Your Cloud

LoadForge uses your DigitalOcean account to launch DoS, the average test costs just cents and you can run multiple at once!

AI Driven Reporting

Keep your load test results and compare historical tests after deployments of your app, and have our AI analyze your site.

Drive by API

Launch your DoS tests whenever you want, as often as you want, via API. Easily integrate with your CI/CD.

Beautiful, powerful reports, with actionable metrics

LoadForge automatically analyzes your site, explaining errors, showing detailed graphs, and performance numbers per page. Easily and quickly understand your load testing results.

  • Graphs for requests, errors, rates, latency, P95, P99
  • HTTP error analysis and performance AI
  • Download CSV or PDF reports
  • Store and compare your tests

Ready to test your system? You can launch your first simulated DoS attack in less than 5 minutes.

Create your LoadForge account today and stress test your web applications, websites, APIs and services.

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