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Run load tests via our REST API

Included with all accounts
All LoadForge accounts include full API access. You can create tests, run them, view results, and more.
Built for automated testing
LoadForge allows you to easily create and define tests, and then run them at any time against any hosts.
Results via API
You can monitor live results via the API, and get full reports via the API to understand your apps performance.
Token based authentication
Create multiple tokens allowing certain API users read only access, and others the ability to execute tests.

REST plus LF

  • Easy, open API
  • Unlimited access
  • Unlimited credentials
  • Full platform access
  • Run tests
  • Fetch results
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Documentation? Read our API documentation for more.

# Easily create tests'', data = {
    "name": "New Test",
    "users": "10000"

# Run them at any time'', data = {
    "test_id": 123,
    "duration": "5"

# And fetch results (live or later) in JSON

Frequently asked questions

Do all packages include API access?
Yes they do, there are no limits on the API for any paying clients aside from abuse-style limits.
Can I give results only access?
You can allow create, update, read, and delete access individually. Read access would allow listing items, and getting results.
Can I use any language to interact with the API?
Yes, it's a REST based API running on Simple HTTPS requests can control the entire platform.
Is there a command line (CLI) tool?
Yes, we have a free LoadForge CLI product that you can use to monitor and launch tests. Learn more.
Is LoadForge good for testing APIs?
Yes, very much so! We recommend visiting our API load testing page for more detail.

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