LoadForge Overview

About the product: LoadForge

LoadForge is a developer focused web app and API load testing platform. It delivers quick, easy and powerful load tests for modern applications.

Perfect for performance testing your app, working out your bottlenecks, integrating into your CI/CD process or learning about your servers performance.


An easier, cheaper way to performance test

LoadForge is easy to use, costs a few cents per test, and scales to hundreds of thousands of simulated users.

Define tests easily

Use standard test templates in seconds, or, customize them to your hearts content. Logins, transaction tests, downloads, whatever you need using You can even record your browser!

  • Easy-to-use and quick to deploy

    Go from new registration to successful test within minutes, and launch tests at the click of a button (or a curl request).

  • Your infrastructure, your price

    LoadForge launches DigitalOcean cloud instances on your account, meaning you pay the true fees. The average test costs around 10 cents. No cloud? No problem, you can use ours to get started!

  • High scale, high throughput

    LoadForge launches clusters of cloud instances to test services, meaning it can handle hundreds of thousands of simulated users and gigabits of throughput.

Editing a Load Test

Data that matters, live

See your core performance numbers live as the test runs, make tweaks, and launch it again!

  • Interactive stats

    Watch your test run, monitor the error rates, requests per second, response times and more live.

  • Parse your data

    Export your full test CSV to handle however you like, whenever you like, on whatever platform you like.

Sample of Test Results

Powerful and easy

All-in-one platform

LoadForge is an extremely easy, and optionally extremely powerful load testing system that's actually affordable.

Powerful yet easy
You choose your level of complexity, anyone can launch a test, and you can script powerful interactions.
Powered by Locust
You can write custom locustfile's to automate intelligent tests, including logins, transactions, and more.
Run tests via API
Create a test and launch it whenever you want, as often as you want, via API.
Invite team members
Share your account, tests, and results with your team.
Powered by DigitalOcean
LoadForge uses your DigitalOcean account to launch test servers, and the average test costs just cents!
Fair Price
The tests costs cents on average, and paying customers start at just $29 /month.
Keep your load test results and compare historical tests after deployments of your app.
Run over 250,000 simulated users at over 50,000 SSL requests per second easily, and quickly.

Let the system interpret your tests

You don't need to be a professional load tester, our AI will automatically check your test results and tell you where to focus and what problems to look out for!

LoadForge User Interface

Easy, intelligent test reports, with usable data

LoadForge automatically analyzes your site, explaining errors, showing detailed graphs, and performance numbers per page.

  • Graphs for requests, errors, rates, latency, P95, P99
  • HTTP error analysis and performance AI
  • Download CSV or PDF reports
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A personal word

What makes LoadForge different?

It's developed by a team who just wanted to run load tests and was either shocked at the cost, the complexity, or the hassle every time. We're focused on developers and what they need to test, stress, and scale their apps as fast as possible.

The solution to the mess that is load testing if you are not a Fortune 500 company is quite simple really:

  • Let users use their own cloud accounts, and save money
  • Allow centralized, scalable testing across many devices
  • Make it affordable so that anyone can use it

Add onto those simple concepts an API and design around what modern application developers need. From quick and dirty load tests, to custom transactional tests that are easily repeatable and can be automated via your CI environment.

We’re here to help

If you are unsure then sign up for an account and test it! If you'd like to speak, please contact us at any time.