Modern load testing made simple.

LoadForge uses the cloud to rapidly scale large numbers of simulated users to load test your website, store, API, or application for cheap – from $29 per month!

Trusted by the world's largest websites and APIs, we run over 2,500 load tests a day.

Everything you need to load test your website or API.

Authentication, forms, high scale, JSON POSTs, GraphQL, REST, and much more from the web load testing experts.

Load test your website, application, or API easily and quickly and get instant insights and reporting.

Load test any web app

Ensure your web app will scale

LoadForge can load test any website, web app, API, or microservice – from preparing for a launch to DoS hardening, automated load testing of new features to SQL load tests.

Analytics and insights

Quickly and easily understand your app performance.

LoadForge will guide you through understanding the performance of your app, and where it fails. The LoadForge AI diagnoses performance issues for you!

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Unlimited and affordable

There are no limits on how many tests you can run.

Run as many tests as you need, and have multiple tests and multiple applications ready to test whenever you need.

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Powerful and easy

Web load testing is easy, automated, customizable, and scalable.

From your first test with a hundred users to complex tests with millions of users, we've got you! Wizards, examples, browser recording, and massive scale.

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Start load testing today!

Sign up today and start load testing right away. LoadForge is easy to use and extremely customizable. Test up to 500 virtual users for free or 10,000 users for just $29.

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Trusted by businesses worldwide.

LoadForge is the best reviewed load testing tool, loved by newbies and power-users alike. See why we are rated 5-stars by over 2000 users.

    • If you want to stress-test your PHP applications, I recommend LoadForge.

      Nuno Maduro
    • Our team has cut down on website testing times, and achieved great efficiencies in setting up our D2C websites for success – especially for heavy traffic periods like Cyber Monday. The platform's ease of use & scalability is just amazing!

      Sumit Kalawat
      Maison Battat
    • The highest throughput and SSL requests per second on the market. We couldn't find another vendor who could deliver the same scale.

      Jason Williams
    • The right balance for smaller shops – straightforward platform for load testing of our platform.

      Nils Stuart
    • This is the best load testing service I have come across.

      Carl Myers
      Faversham House
    • It has an easy process to run a simple test, but very powerful scripting to run complex scenarios. The sample code and documentation are comprehensive.

      Morgan Collett
      Morgan Collett Software


Simple pricing, for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, LoadForge can load test your site!
Need more than 250,000 users? Our Enterprise package allows millions of users.


Ideal for small businesses and startups testing their applications.


  • Max 10,000 users per run
  • Test from New York
  • 10-minute max test length
  • Unlimited tests per month
  • Unlimited URLs per test
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Great for mid-size businesses and growing startups, or clients needing advanced test types.


  • Max 50,000 users per run
  • Test from 8 locations globally
  • 30-minute max test length
  • Includes SQL & DoS tests
  • Unlimited tests per month
  • Unlimited URLs per test
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Designed for larger applications and businesses, with onboarding assistance.


  • Max 250,000 users per run
  • Test from 8 locations globally
  • 12-hour max test length
  • Includes SQL & DoS tests
  • White-label reports
  • Unlimited tests per month
  • Unlimited URLs per test
  • Onboarding and initial test design
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Learn more on our full pricing page about all the options available to you, or contact us via live chat.
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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our team at or use the live chat widget.

    • What if I need more than 200,000 users?

      No problem at all. LoadForge allows millions of users to be tested at once. Once you sign up, you will be able to view our enterprise packages as well.

    • How many load tests can I run per month?

      Unlimited. You can run as many tests as you wish, with each run being limited by your maximum users. For example, a Basic user can run an unlimited number of 2,500 user tests.

    • How does cloud billing work?

      We use the cloud for test runs. If you provide your own DigitalOcean account, a typical run costs $0.05 (and we give you a $100 credit if you're new) or $2 if you use our cloud.

    • Can I log in, authenticate, add to cart, etc?

      Yes, you can do it all. LoadForge is very configurable – learn more about it on our documentation site where we have many load testing examples.

    • Do you have a trial and/or refund policy?

      Yes! You can run tests up to 500 virtual users for free, and we have a no questions asked refund policy if the product is not right for you!

    • Can I schedule tests, or run them via API?

      Yes! You can schedule tests to run as frequently as you wish, and you can manage tests and get results for them via the API.

    • How is LoadForge billed and can I cancel?

      LoadForge is billed monthly or yearly (20% discount) – you can choose. And you can cancel whenever you like as there is no lock-in.

    • What is the max LoadForge can simulate?

      It's hard finding websites that are powerful enough. The biggest test we've done is 3,200,000 SSL transactions per second. So, a lot!

    • Can I record my browser, and test based on that?

      Yes! LoadForge can convert your browser recording (from Chrome) into a full test script.

Need help? We offer fully managed load testing as well, and will build the test and run it for you!