Cloud Instance Sizes

We automatically adjust the size of the cloud droplets used depending on your total simulated user count. The primary limitation when load testing is CPU, so the more CPU power (and more reliable it is) the better the test performs.

Users Slug Description Workers per VM
<50,000 c2 CPU Optimized 2vCPUs 4GB 2
50,000-100,000 c4 CPU Optimized 4vCPUs 8GB 4
>100,000 c8 CPU Optimized 8vCPUs 16GB 6

DigitalOcean limitations

Certain DigitalOcean accounts (brand new ones, non-verified, without a credit card, etc) will be prevented by them from running high performance droplets. You can log a ticket with DigitalOcean with the following message to get access:


I would like to request access to launch c2, c4, and c8 droplets on my DigitalOcean account. Please can you confirm 
whatever verification I need to do in order to have the CPU optimized droplets enabled. 

I will be using them for load testing my website. 

Thank you

Additional support

Contact us if you continue to have any issues with the launching of cloud instances.