The LoadForge API is still being expanded, but there are several endpoints available. You can find more information on them under the APIs category to the left.

To use the API create an API token under your User Menu. This token can be sent as a Bearer token header, for example:

Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN_HERE


The various APIs use a 4 permission system: create, update, read, delete. Ensure that your API token has the correct permissions to achieve the task you are requesting. You may revoke an API token in your account at any stage to prevent it from being used.


We recommend Postman for API testing. Here is a quick guide:

  1. Set the method to either GET or POST depending on the API.
  2. Set the Header "Authorization" to "Bearer xyz" with xyz being your API token.
  3. Go to Body and choose JSON or form-data then enter any required variables for the API.

Next Steps

We recommend starting with the Run and Results API (available on the left menu) to run and read the results from tests you have already created in the user interface. Ultimately, you can automate every function within LoadForge using the API.