{success} Welcome to the LoadForge documentation hub!


LoadForge is a modern, easy to use website, API and web application load testing platform.

LoadForge uses your DigitalOcean account to rapidly and cost-effectively scale large numbers of simulated users to test your systems. They are created to run the test and then destroyed, meaning the average test costs only a few cents.


If it's your first time using a platform like LoadForge, we recommend you watch our video demo. Alternatively, browse the docs or contact us for assistance.

This is the flow to follow to get to your first test:

  1. Add your Cloud API Token to the Cloud configuration (help).
  2. Add at least one Host and validate it (help).
  3. Add your first test configuration using the host you added (help).
  4. Run your test! (help)


At this time in our alpha launch we are not yet accepting payments. All the services are free (except for your cloud costs).