LoadForge launches it's load generation servers on your DigitalOcean account. For this reason you must provide a valid DigitalOcean API key in order to use LoadForge.

The benefit of this is that your cost of running a test is extremely low.

How it works

When you begin a test LoadForge sends an API command to create servers number of droplets of type "c-2" CPU optimized droplets. These systems normally cost $40 per month per server, however, we only run them for approximately 5-7 minutes (the length of a test including installation).

Once they are online LoadForge logs into them and installs it's test dependencies, and then begins a test. At the end of the test they are automatically destroyed. You should always verify this yourself!

Other clouds

Unfortunately, we do not support any other clouds at this time. DigitalOcean provides the best balance of cost vs performance and our system is designed for publicly accessible testing.

Using production accounts

We advise against using production DigitalOcean accounts for load testing. Whenever possible you should use a separate test account.