LF BLOG // Yearly billing is now available


We’re happy to announce yearly billing! A much requested feature, yearly billing allows you to subscribe for a year at a time and enjoy a 20% discount for doing so.

About Yearly Billing

As you may expect, yearly billing is completely optional. You may still use month-to-month with no contracts as you always have.

However, for longer term users the yearly billing options may be quite attractive, as they include a 20% discount on the price. You can compare these features below, or look at our full pricing table on the site.

Monthly Pricing

  • $29/month — Basic
  • $79/month — Essential
  • $200/month — Premium

Yearly Pricing

  • $275/year — Basic (20% off)
  • $750/year — Essential (20% off)
  • $1920/year — Premium (20% off)


As with all LoadForge packages you can always upgrade for only the difference in price.

Final words

The yearly billing options should make for more attractive bundles for some of our long term and high use clients. As always, should you need a custom package or custom options please reach out to us via our contact section.

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