Yearly billing is now available


We’re happy to announce yearly billing! A much requested feature, yearly billing allows you to subscribe for a year at a time and enjoy a 20% discount for doing so.

About Yearly Billing

As you may expect, yearly billing is completely optional. You may still use month-to-month with no contracts as you always have.

However, for longer term users the yearly billing options may be quite attractive, as they include a 20% discount on the price. You can compare these features below, or look at our full pricing table on the site.

Monthly Pricing

  • $19/month — Basic
  • $50/month — Essential
  • $200/month — Premium

Yearly Pricing

  • $182/year — Basic (20% off)
  • $480/year — Essential (20% off)
  • $1920/year — Premium (20% off)

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