LF BLOG // Why is PHP such a popular language?


Why is PHP such a popular language, and why does it power so many websites?

Part of its popularity comes from the fact that it was initially designed as a templating system. This allowed programmers to quickly write simple scripts by using their already-existing HTML knowledge. The other factor is that since PHP runs on a server, a user only needs to load a single file on their browser, as opposed to loading several files from different sources. However, this also means that problems that occur with the PHP code cannot be seen right away by the person viewing the webpage. This made programmers cautious of using it for anything too complex.

However, as HTML and CSS became more advanced and browsers were able to handle more complex programming languages, developers moved away from php-templated webpages. Now PHP is mostly used as a backend - for its ability to connect databases and allow web applications to manipulate data without needing constant refreshing of the page. In some cases PHP is even used as a replacement for java because of how similar they are in syntax.

In conclusion, PHP's popularity comes from how easy it made web development for non-programmers, but php has fallen out of favor as web browsers improved and it became possible to write practical JavaScript based frontends. PHP is now a primary provider for backend systems as php runs on the server side instead of multiple files like java which makes php easier to use than java.

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