LF BLOG // Getting Auth Tokens And Logging In

We’ve published two need guides this week for LoadForge, both centered around logging in to your application before load tests begin.

  • Login & Crawl Pages is a great example of logging in first on each worker, and then dynamically crawling the site with the logged in user.
  • Getting Auth Tokens is extremely useful when you need to post to one service in order to get an Authorization header or token to load test an API.

We've been seeing a lot of interest lately around API testing and hopefully the authentication tokens guide will assist! Remember that all our users are able to contact us via email for support with their tests, and Premium users can use our test design server and we will create it for you.

LoadForge Locust Directory

Did you know that we have a full directory of example locustfiles for you to use with LoadForge? There are loads of useful examples to copy snippets or entire tests from.

Browse the Locustfile Directory at your leisure and find your next test design!

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