LF BLOG // DoS Testing Now Available

We are proud to announce the release of Denial of Service simulations for LoadForge clients! DoS testing allows you to simulate a large scale, Layer 7, distributed denial of service attack against your infrastructure.


It can be extremely difficult to simulate an intelligent DoS attack against your infrastructure, and to test your protections, WAFs, and so on. LoadForge is particularly designed to generate high amounts of real traffic - the hardest type to scrub when blocking DoS attacks - meaning we can assist in testing your infrastructure against a possible DoS attack.

Safety First

To prevent any abuse all Hosts (as with load tests) must be verified as being owned by you before tests can be run, and specifically with DoS tests, they can only be run from your linked DigitalOcean account (not our cloud). This limits the potential for abuse or misuse of the service.


DoS tests are available to all Essential and above subscribers, so starting from $79/month. You then need a high enough subscription to run the required number of users in the test so for large tests you may need a larger subscription.

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