LF BLOG // LoadForge Points Launched!

We're proud to announce the release of LoadForge points! A rewards system that you automatically earn rewards through just by subscribing and spending with LoadForge.

Here are the rewards you can earn:

  • Beginner (25 Points): your data retention is increased by 1 month for all runs.
  • Tester (70 Points): any runs on Our Cloud are 10% cheaper for your tests.
  • Forger (100 Points): Swag Bundle!
  • Junior Engineer (175 Points): You can simulate 20% more users than your package maximum allows.
  • Engineer (300 Points): Inner Circle Access, join us on our private Discord server.
  • Senior Engineer (600 Points): An additional 10% more users than your package maximum, for a total of 30% more.
  • Head Engineer (1000 Points): Gold Swag Bundle!

You can visit your Points Dashboard to see how many points you've earned. We have credited all our users for all their past spend on LoadForge automatically!

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