LF BLOG // New feature: Use our infrastructure for tests

LoadForge launches temporary cloud servers on your DigitalOcean cloud account in order to rapidly and cost-effectively scale up hundreds of thousands of virtual users for load testing.

Allowing clients to use their own cloud has always been at the core of our strategy, as it allows an extremely low cost per test (often just 10 cents). However, for smaller users, and brand new accounts, this requirement often isn't one that can fulfill.

We are proud to announce our latest feature: launching tests on LoadForge infrastructure. This allows you to pay more per test, but not require a DigitalOcean account, or API access, or anything really aside from your test! Existing users will notice there is a new option under your Cloud menu to select what plan you wish to use, as seen below:


You can switch between them at any time, so if you are just starting our and want to run a test right away you can use our infrastructure. Once you're an expert, you can switch over to your own.

A typical test with your own DigitalOcean account will cost around 10 cents per hour. LoadForge infrastructure tests typically cost $2 per hour.

As always, users can use their own cloud immediately if they wish.

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