LF BLOG // New feature: Test and debug locustfiles

We are proud to announce the release of a new feature in LoadForge, the Test Debugger. The utility will parse your locustfile to check for errors, and then run a micro-test with 5 simulated users, for 10 seconds.


This helps you to quickly validate and debug any issues with your test file, and see the debug output.

It checks the following for you:

  • Parse errors in your locustfile
  • Any HTTP errors when connecting
  • Any errors in executing the load test
  • The response codes and sizes for each HTTP request made

Try it out when you design your next test!

Getting support for locust

Our Premium packages include locustfile design and assistance, if you require. We're happy to help build your perfect test.

We also recommend you check out our Browser Recording feature.

Examples Directory

We also have a full examples directory with various examples, demos, and so on depending on what you want to create. Browse the Directory for more.

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