LF BLOG // New feature: Record your browser and turn it into a test!

An often requested feature has finally arrived, the ability to record browser actions and covert them into a LoadForge test!


The new LoadForge HAR Converter allows you to use Google Chrome to record browser actions, and then convert them into a test you can run. This allows you to simulate a real user browsing your site, logging in, ordering items, etc.

How to Record

Recording is quite easy, but requires you to follow specific steps from our guide. You can then simply upload the file and LoadForge will do all the converting for you. After that you edit and tweak the test (if needed) and you are ready to go!

We record logins, button clicks, URL changes and more, meaning you can really set up a very detailed test.

How to use it

Head over the to LoadForge HAR Converter to get started. Note that you need an Essential of Premium package to use the service.

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