LF BLOG // Finding the Best Status Page for a SaaS Startup

We recently decided to go with a professional uptime and status page service for LoadForge. We took this decision for several reasons, but primarily:

  • We wanted more complex health checks that could monitor for specific responses
  • We wanted a public status page our users could view in the event of an outage or maintenance

Making the decision was quite complex, and required a lot of testing and a lot of research in the cost and prices of the options. There are excellent ones aimed at mid-size and larger enterprise which have extremely high entry points that we decided to immediately ignore.

Then we went about seeing what options there were that fulfilled our two primary requirements, and had the best additional features.

The Contenders

After scouring the web for options, we determined these were all "good enough" and were either available to us for free, or for less than $100 per month.

  • Checkly
  • status.io
  • BetterUptime
  • StatusCake
  • Uptime Robot
  • FreshPing
  • Pingdom

Making a Selection


For LoadForge we decided to go with Checkly. There were a number of reasons:

  • We liked the status page (status.loadforge.com)
  • The user interface was simple and intuitive
  • They had great reporting and alerting options
  • They were able to do complex HTTP health checks, as well as recorded browser (Chrome) workflows

We definitely recommend giving them a try, otherwise, have a look at the other great options from our Contender list.

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