Introducing our Referral Program

LoadForge is proud to introduce you to our Official Referral program, the Friends of LoadForge.

We've long had many happy customers make introductions or invite friends to use LoadForge, and we wanted to find a way to reward that behavior and loyalty. At the same time, it gives us an opportunity to open a new marketing channel for people looking to build recurring revenue in the technology space.


In summary, we are offering 30% of the monthly or yearly bill for anyone you refer, in perpetuity. That means that if you refer a client who pays $200 per month you will receive $60 per month until they cancel. You can sign up for free when you are ready.

The rest of this article will describe the program and the solutions we are using in more detail.

Enter Rewardful

Rewardful is a "simple way for SaaS companies to setup affiliate and referral programs with Stripe", and we've been very impressed with them. It's simple, clear and easy for both LoadForge and our users.

It automatically integrates with Stripe and facilitates payments to the users without our interaction. This is great because it builds trust and transparency - users know they will get their revenue as it's an automated system allocating it.

Our Structure

You are able to do multiple things with a rewards program, primarily there are three options:

  • Pay a user a set fee when a client signs up
  • Pay a user a percentage of the fee when a client signs up
  • Pay a user a percentage of the fee every month after a client signs up

Of course, number 3 (continued monthly revenue) is the best for people looking to build a recurring revenue business for themselves and it's what we selected. This allows both clients of LoadForge to refer their friends or colleagues and external people to build models around referring traffic.


We process payments on the 1st of the month for any sales or recurring revenue from the month before.


Should you have any questions please get in touch using the contact section on the site, or by emailing

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